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he aim of this project is to support young adults and women in starting their own businesses. The aim is for these people to generate income through their own entrepreneurial activity and even to create new jobs in a country with 50% unemployment. We offer help for self-help to maximize success and pave the way for people or make it possible in the first place.


What you quickly realize in contact with the people of Kenya is a wealth of business ideas. We are always fascinated by this and we want to build on that.


Because the challenge for people is to convert the ideas into a working concept. Furthermore, there is often a lack of basic business knowledge and elementary things, such as opening a bank account or registering a company with the associated administrative procedures. In addition, there is also a lack of money for renting, buying seeds or machinery, or even an initial stock to start the business in the end.


This is where the project comes in. So we plan to train future entrepreneurs with basic business knowledge, develop the idea further in group and one-on-one discussions, go to public authorities and create a functioning business plan with you.


After this, the association can support the foundation financially, whereby the financial support is designed as a small loan and should be repaid after the successful start of the company. The money can then be used for the next start-up and a closed cycle is to be created.

The Training

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Robert is a trained social worker with many years of experience working with orphans, street children and young adults. He also studied business administration and therefore has the expertise in this area.


Anne studied teaching and can convey the theoretical foundations wonderfully in terms of content and pedagogy.

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