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The beekeeping profession is very diverse and the aspiring beekeepers need the necessary specialist knowledge and manual training. You can go wrong with bees. But with knowledge, powers of observation and experience, beekeeping can be a profession with good income. With theoretical training in combination with practical training directly at the apiary, we can provide the tools to start beekeeping.


As part of the community, we continuously train the beekeepers as desired and required.

Establishment of a honeymanufactory

So that the training of beekeepers ultimately also enables an income, the sale and sale of honey is necessary. With a honeymanufactory, honey can be produced and bottled centrally and with high quality, and then marketed nationally. In this way, sales can be generated, which then generates a fair income for the beekeepers.


Starting support

In order to start beekeeping, beekeepers not only need training and a high-potential income potential. Every beekeeper needs beehives, an apiary, protective equipment and working tools. Unfortunately, many are unable to raise the necessary money. We support the beekeepers with the initial equipment so that you can start straight away. For this purpose, we cooperate with microfinance institutions, for example.

This project and our commitment help to achieve the following 8 sustainability goals of the UN.

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If you would like to support us financially in order to be able to work with us on site, we are very grateful.

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